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I seem to have done so many of these that they need their own section!  First and foremost, I can now publish one of the first ones...a rather big one too...that was accepted into QUILT NATIONAL this year after many tries. In a way, I can't wait to get it back so I can add some people. I realized recently that most of my "towns" seemed to be sort of post apocalyptic in that there were no people in them. So I have made lots of scrap citizens to populate the  town!  My inspiration is a favorite self taught artist named LS Lowry alias the
matchstick man .
MY TOWN ON THE RIVER, 2012, 48"X60"  $2,450.00  usd
Shown at QUILT NATIONAL 2013

This one started with a smaller rectangle which just kept growing much as a city would. The biggest challenge was how to join all the various rectangles into a big one!  I am using lots of recycled materials here which were particularly suited to the facades of houses.  Men's ties were perfect as were the labels on shirts and such. THEY made good store signs as you can see in the detail below.
CITY MARINA, 2011, 24"x30".  $990 USD
A busy tourist spot near city hall.
CRANE IN MY BACKYARD, 2011, 23x34".  $990 USD. If only the crane were an avian kind! We put up with loud drilling and construction for a year while a new Campus building went up.
A RATHER ATTRACTIVE PRISON, 1011,  23x33". $990 USD.
awarded Curator's prize at The Canadian Grand National Exhibition.
One of the few that shouldn't have people!  No one wants to see men walking away from this building. Although several tourists come up each year asking if it is FORT HENRY a nineteenth  century tourist attraction. SOLD
MARKET SQUARE, 2011 23x30".  $990 USD. 
Our classically designed city hall overlooks the market in the summer. Lively, colorful and delicious! Nobody likes the windfarm on the island opposite, but I think of it as more of a kinetic scupture.  SOLD
A RATHER UGLY LIBRARY 2012,  23x34". $990  USD
I can't help it. I just don't like this new campus library sitting amongst ivy covered walls looking like some kind of factory. And it  cost 36 million to add insult to  sore eyes.
A SHORT WALK  2012, 10"x16".
There are many peaceful and beautiful short walks in my town.  sold
TALL SHIPS 2012, 24"x33". $990 USD
Our town is so reliably windy that it was awarded the sailing venue for 1976 summer Olympics. Every so often the Olympic harbor hosts a festival of tall ships which everybody loves!  SOLD
COTTAGE COUNTRY, 2011, 23X34".  $990 USD.
Since I live on a river and a lake, we are never but a few minutes drive into beautiful cottage country. SOLD
SPLASH POOL 2012, 22"x34". $990 USD.
I love going to the park just to see the little ones delighting in all the fountains, pools and slides  there to cool them down.
AROUND CITY PARK 2012,  24x34".$990  USD.
A peaceful spot for family fun, walking the dog and running under the sprinklers!  SOLD
MY TOWN  2012 , 24X34". $990 USD
This is more or less what we see out our kitchen window.  Very nice place to live except in Frosh week when nobody in the neighborhood gets any sleep!  SOLD

THIN WHITE LINE  24x34" 2012. $990 USD.
Outsiders would probably not notice that on one side is our busy Olympic harbor but on the other a nineteenth century maximum security prison. To us there is a definite line drawn between the two. Sold

To backtrack a bit, these colourful ones were done before the QN one above.They have recently been recalled and populated with little scrappy people. I like them much better now that they are more lively.
C After the colored ones I reverted to more neutral and muted colors for the town views.
Pamelart People
I recently did a workshop on funky faces and made a couple of new samples. I liked them so much I finished them and made two more!  They turned into a sort of series called PROFILES as I seem to have made all the figures in profile. I had a recent purchase of several sarongs which feature prominently in  a couple of them.  As none had their "hairdo"finished, I have sent them all to the salon! They are all about 28"x22".
COFFE BREAK II, 2011, 28"X22". $850 USD
The beverage that gets me boppin'.   SOLD
HEADACHE II, 2011. 28"x22".  $800 USD   A bit dark and angular but heck, it's about having a Migraine! When little men are killing you in the head with cocktail swords.
BEDHEAD HAVING BREAKFAST 2011. 28"x22".  $850 USD   Actually I wish MY hair looked this good in the morning!
MAKING HER EXIT, 2011, 47"x53", $1990USD.
At age 30, I felt it was make or break time, if I were ever going to pursue my dream of becoming an artist.  It seemed iffy, but I enrolled in art school and worked at my day job part time to finance it. On  gradution I made an excited move to my new life. Instead of the sameness of my former career, I  have enjoyed a life of infinite choices, and chances and changes for 30 years.  I can hardly believe I was ever that other person!
Exhibited at Parallax exhibition ( Rochester), World of Beauty Houston and Quilt Canada.

THE BIG LOSER, 2011 , 48"x60",  1990 USD
This quilt celebrates my losing 55 pounds 2 years ago.  It's been away so long at a Houston special exhibition that when it came back I had gained back 30 of those pounds AARGH!  However the cause may have been that I had quit smoking in the meantime. So although I am no longer a big loser, I am a winner. HaHa
First Place Masters Innovative category, La Conner Quilt Museum
These works are concentrating on my favorite subject...people.  An ordinary life is punctuated from time to time with compelling events, of pressing needs or compelling obsessions even. These are good subjects IMO for works of art.
KISSING IN PUBLIC, 2014, 44"x36", $1990.  These not so young lovers are still enamoured with each other.  Shown at Schweinfurth Art Gallery, Auburn NY

KISSING IN PUBLIC, 2014, 44"x36", $1990.00.  Detail. Grey hair and love birds!
PILLOW TALK, 2014, 45X40",    Inspired by Chagal's paintings celebrating his passion for his wife Bella.
To the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection
PILLOW TALK, 2014, 45X40",   Detail.

Yes those are frogs. A symbol of good luck and transition.
To the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection
Want to see some small works?
ANCIENT GODESSES  , 2012 , 28"X43'.  A congress of ancient Mother dieties gather to talk about the good old days.  SOLD
LOCKS AT KINGSTON MILLS, 2013, 27"x42",  $1,500 USD.  A beautiful picnicking family spot near my home. Shown at Grand National show, Canada

SPAWNING BY THE DUNES 2016.  49"x42"   Fish spawn and lovers spoon on the beach.      $1990 USD .