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Pamela has been a full time artist for several decades and has been working in fabric since 2002. She has exhibited in many national and international quilt art exhibitions and has won numerous awards for her quilts. She has had her work published in the Quilting Arts Magazine, Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, and the Canadian Quilters Magazine. Her work has been included in the recently published Masters: Art Quilt, Art Quilt Portfolio, The Natural world,  (Lark books) and Creating with Fabric (Tweetiejill Publisher).  Pamela has made an instructional DVD as well, called THINK LIKE AN ARTIST!

She began her art teaching experience at Queens University Fine Art department and now teaches fabric art in Canada  and as far a field as South Africa.

"I had fulfilled my dream of being an artist late in  life.....I got a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1982 at the age of 34,and began a  career of painting, collage and assemblage art.  But all along it kept occurring to me that the images I did would make very good art quilts.   If only I could SEW! Learning to make an apron in grade 8 was the only experience sewing I had (and didn’t we ALL!)

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In 1995 I had a solo exhibition of paintings and collages about a trip to Texas.... lots of colour, folky figures and symbols. Again I thought quilt. At that time, a friend actually made a wonderful quilt based on one of my paper collages.  So I just jumped in and started making fabric collages using any method I could to stitch the elements together. I was not concerned about the normal quilty criteria of even stitching, square corners and the like. Right from the start, I liked to embellish with unconventional materials.... found objects, bits of metal, carved wood, copper tooled shapes.  These first efforts were very like fine art collages but made of fabric. I joined some lists on the Internet whose members were art quilters and began asking questions about techniques and trends. It was then I realized I was in real trouble as most of the juried shows DID pay attention to workmanship
 I gave myself a year to build up a body of work and the next year began to enter juried exhibitions. Much to my delight, I was accepted into many shows that year.... both Quilt festivals such as Houston and Albuquerque and also fine art gallery shows which included textiles in their prospectus. That was 2002 and since then I continue to show work in the states and even in Europe and Japan.  I’m happy to say that my workmanship HAS improved too!

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Here is the paper collage that inspired my friend Cam to make her one and only art quilt!  She demonstrated to me that it WAS possible to translate my imagery to fabric. Now all I had to do is learn how to sew!
Even my wooden painted constructions.......
and my paintings seemed to be suitable for adapting to fabric!
THREE WOMEN AT THE SALON- MEDIEVAL 1120 A.D., 2009,  45.5"x30.5", $3400  USD
When I was researching the Mycenaean culture, I noticed the very sensuous quality of their aesthetic.  Clouds, vegetation and hairdos were all depicted in waving sinuous lines. Not to mention the seductive "topless" dresses that were fashionable. Sporting events featured heavily too....only bull jumping seems a little extreme to me!  Here I have translated the famous Lions gate and fashionable attire into a scene  of ladies playing Badminton, a much safer pastime, it seems to me! Shown at  The Lincoln Center gallery Colorado, The Whistler House Gallery, Lowell and The Chandler Art Center, Arizona
LADIES PLAYING BADMINTON- MYCENAEA, 1000 B.C. , 2009.   35.5"X45.5", $3,400 USD .
 These are women in  the GOTHIC  era at the hair salon.  The seated one is admiring her new "do". The one at the counter, which was inspired by a pinched little figure on a Medieval column, holds a roller. The one in the rear is more akin to a Gothic fairy tale figures...maybe a wicked step mother? SOLD
An idea I was exploring with the ELEMENTS Journal quilt project of last year, precipitated a series of quilts whose subjects reflected certain historical styles. I had done several Halley's Comet pieces in the style representative of the year it was visible. I liked the idea of emulating times in history and the artistic styles of these times.
HALLEY'S COMET, Battle of Hastings, 1066. $1,600
I loved the way the Bayeux Tapestry draws the comet!
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